Ten reasons to Blog in the classroom

I came across this video tutorial today produced by a year 10 class on the topic of blogging. Well worth taking a look at, from the students perspective.

I personally use blogging in all my classes, primarily providing students with an opportunity for reflection of their own learning and topics covered in a lesson.

The last five minutes of a lesson is the perfect time for a reflection of the lesson and provides students the opportunity to practice. Generally consisting of a paragraph or more, the reflection may be used at the beginning of the following lesson to build on concepts discussed earlier. In terms of integrated project learning approach, reflections are an excellent way of collating information learnt in a manner which may constitute a draft for a rich task, which may take the shape of a class newsletter or school newspaper report:
• Self reflection – how they felt about the lesson, what they got out of it [Also a useful assessment tool for the teacher].
• Critical thinking – Today’s employers and indeed employers of the future need/want employees who can think for themselves.
• Responsibility for Learning – Also a valuable skill for exam preparation.
• Think, Pair, Share – A strategy which may be used to introduce the concept of reflection time.


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