Moodle 4 All

I’ve been very quiet on this site for some time now, due in the most part to my working on a new website. So I thought I would give a quick update.
As the title of this blog suggests, my new website is a Moodle site where you can access free tutorials on moodle and useful software for the classroom.
Click here to go directly to The Technology for Learning Space or here for my new Blog.


4 responses to “Moodle 4 All

  1. I wanted to login and create an account on your Moodle site after it was recommended to me, but it claimed my University of WA email address was not acceptable – only NSW DET emails can be entered. You do not make that clear at all! Is this an oversight?

    • Hello Mike,
      I am sorry you had difficulty accessing my Moodle site. You are quite right, I did change enrollment to allow only det.nsw email accounts. I did this because I was getting people enrolling with gmail and other accounts and not telling me what educational institution they were from.
      I’m intrigued that you were referred to my Moodle, especially since you are in WA. May I ask what you studying?
      I am happy to enable accounts, but I would like to know more about what you are studying.

  2. Ah! Not studying! I am the UWA Weboffice training and support coordinator – I train staff how to edit and manage their University websites using our CMS, MySource Matrix. UWA has made a decision to use Moodle as its LMS starting in 2012, and I am on an implementation team? Why? Interest, generally, but also thoughts that I may be able to use Moodle for online staff training purposes. One of the other team members had told me about your site, and recommended I check it out. Hence the attempt to enrol…. Hope that helps?

    • I have enabled new accounts from uwa. I hope you find the my Moodle worth the wait 😀
      There is however, a newer version of Moodle out named Moodle 2.0 which I haven’t upgraded to as yet. The best place to look to find out the power of Moodle is .
      My Moodle has been set up in the most part for students I teach. However, after going to all the trouble of setting it up, I was told I was not permitted to use it (political reasons) and as a result, I don’t update it as regularly as I would like. All my resources at present are being setup on my current schools Moodle site.
      You will notice on my Moodle site there are a Moodle Lounge and Guest Lounge, both these should be able to be accessed as a guest, which does not require a user account.
      Let me know if you would like find out more about best practice with Moodle. Or if you have any employment opportunites for me ;D

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