This activity is aimed at Beginner Level.  I have not displayed the first activity as it wouldn’t cooperate on this website.  If you download the pdf there is a sample of the finished product embedded within it.

Adobe Flash CS4 Tutorial: Animate a Butterfly

This activity is aimed at Intermediate Level and is my favourite animation activity.

Adobe After Effect CS4 Tutorial: Butterfly in After Effects


2 responses to “Animations

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Great site!
    The <img tags for the butterflies on this page include a query string (?w=300&h=218) which I presume causes the server to resize the GIF. It seems the server stuffs up the animation as it resizes the GIFs. This query string is unecessary as both height and width are set within the html img tag.


  2. Thanks for your comment Sam.

    I tried removing the query string as you suggested, but it removed the image all together. I’ve removed the gif file as it can be viewed when you download the instructions.


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